About The Break

During this strange and unique moment in history, all of usare hunkered down inside our homes, challenged in accepting,managing, and dealing with the new norms. A necessary shift musttake place in order for us to focus on our mental, spiritual, andphysical health.

The Stress-Reduction Break was designed by Naama O.Pozniak to teach and inspire positive, peaceful, and meaningfulmoments in our daily routines so we are unencumbered by toxicanxiety. Through short conversation and guided meditation, welearn to pause mentally and refresh. These sessions were originallydesigned for Naama’s remote employer and employee teams,however, she has renewed and revitalized the sessions to align withthe current energy of the world at large - mind, body, and spirit – ata time when it is most needed.

In silence we can find answers to many of our questions anddoubts. The time spent with Naama in her sessions is intended toteach her audience how to lower our stress, and tap into theseprecious moments of stillness. Healing can be done from withinand we all have the capability. We just need to know how.

Naama offers stress-reduction breaks for non-profitorganizations, corporate companies, remote employees, friends,family, and her very own team members to instill the spirit ofcourage, unity, and support through this difficult pandemic. Thegoal for each session is to decrease worries and angst and to guidelisteners to a place of peace and comfort, while offering importantwellness advice.

The Stress-Reduction Break is offered via webinar through alive video in order to allow for a more intimate and personalexperience. Participants have time to indulge in self-reflection andmeditation. They are able to share the space, thoughts, and ideaswith fellow team members while remaining in a safe environment.

The length of the webinar can be half an hour to an hour, asneeded. Naama’s popular Stress-Reduction Breaks have provenextremely effective in bringing teams together and encouragingeveryone to feel the love and open up to healing. Each session isunique and can be specially designed to fit the specific energy ofany profession.

Naama has been sharing these amazingly therapeutic sessionsfor more than a decade with employers and employees ofhealthcare companies, fulfilling her goal of making a truedifference within our healthcare industry. Today, she sees thedistinct need for her services worldwide as we struggle with thefear and uncertainty of the pandemic. Her sessions provide thetools necessary to heal ourselves and find the positive in anysituation.

Naama truly believes in the spirit of positivity. She aspires toshare the many blessings that can be found even when the worldseems terribly grim. In times of increased stress and pressure, wecan either expand into growth and power or regress into depressionand destructive old patterns. We need to make a conscious decisionto uplift and invent a better version of ourselves.

At this moment, we have the chance to tap into a better version ofourselves, to show up in a different way. Now is the moment torenew our spirits while also reaching out to support ourcommunities. Naama’s sessions create an uplifting energy ofcompassion and unity for all. They are the first step to spreadinghealing and strength in a world so deeply in need.

To learn more about Naama’s sessions, please e-mail Naama at or call: 818.481.2112

Presenter’s Background

An Israeli by birth, Naama O. Pozniak is a creative visionary,globally-minded health insurance advisor, meditation coach, andspeaker. She has served the American Insurance Industry for morethan 30 years, specializing in Healthcare Reform, Covered CA,Employer Benefits, international travel insurance, and Medicare. Inaddition to her incredible work with the Insurance Industry, Naamais a mother, yogi, market disruptor, and a Primordial SoundMeditation instructor, certified by the Chopra Center. Shesuccessfully marries her two fields of expertise through inspiringpresentations, one-on-one coaching, and public speaking events,spreading the message of reducing healthcare costs and stress withmeditation and yoga. Naama’s mission is to empower otherprofessionals to begin their own meditation and yoga practices andshare these techniques with clients and peers. Naama truly doespractice what she preaches and has a profound and lasting impacton the lives of all she touches.