Covered California


So many new words in health insurance… subsidy, state exchange, APTC, SBC… what’s it all mean?  Well, I will tell you!

California’s state exchange is called Covered CA. That’s where individuals, families, and employers can go and purchase insurance.  If they are in a certain income level, you can maybe get a discount on not only your monthly premiums but your out-of-pocket costs as well. That premium discount is called a subsidy or APTC (Advance Premium Tax Credit) and the out-of-pocket discount is called the CSR (Cost Share Reduction.)

A+ Insurance is a preferred Covered CA Enrollment Partner, working diligently to assist enrollments in Covered CA policies and Medi-Cal.  It is Naama’s mission to assist everyone through all phases of their life; no matter how complicated, it’s our job to make it easy and efficient.

Yes, I qualify!

Think you might qualify for a discount?  Call us or check the chart below.

 For more information on Employer Group insurance through Covered CA’s Small Business SHOP plans, click here.


More on the ACA

The Affordable Care Act standardized plans both off and on the state exchanges.  All companies are now offering what’s called the metallic tiers, each of which have essential health care benefits.  See below for a very helpful graph in understanding your options.

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