Short-term medical plans


Missed Open Enrollment or just need a policy for a short time?

… then short-term medical plans could be the right choice for you!


If you missed paying your regular health insurance bill, just need something quick between jobs or are going to another state for a couple of months, short term medical policies fit the bill.  Some options will not cover pre-existing conditions and they are not considered traditional health insurance, but they will protect you from the greater risks of being uninsured.  One hospital bill can be enough to break the bank, so make sure to protect yourself and your finances.

The options for short-term coverage vary by state. California, for example, does not allow traditional medical insurance to be sold on a short-term basis. In other states, however, there are more options.

If they align with your life, you could also purchase a Christian Ministry Cost Share Program which would cover you year-round. These are available in California. Contact us today for more information